The Bindi Project

The Bindi Project was an initiative born from the collaboration started on OpenIDEO between Design Tinkering, an NYU student club, and Women for Human Rights (WHR), an NGO based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Its goal is to empower the women from low-income urban areas by identifying and training female leaders in the slum area of Kathmandu, who in turn provide skill-training and access to resources to other women in their community.

One of the key goals of the Bindi Project is to provide the women with basic information that could help them to become financially independent like information regarding jobs, small business, administrative tasks etc. Another important aspect of the project is to empower isolated individuals by giving them a sense of community and by helping them to connect with outside communities. Also, new comers in low-income urban araas who are often more “at risk” because they don’t understand their new environment and they don’t have a support network, are provided with tips about their new community and connect them to other women in the communities.